Gorgui Classic


Price: $148.00

The Vallfirest multi-functional Gorgui Classic is designed exclusively for forest fire fighting. Its main feature is versatility on all kind of grounds, due to combination of the most widely used tools in forest fire extinction in one multi-functional cutting blade, so that you don't have to transport different kinds of tools. It has the necessary tools for fire lines: Chopping, Grubbing, Digging, Raking, Scraping, Cutting grass, small brush and saplings.



Head made of Hardox 500, an abrasion resistant steel. The smooth curve and the cutting angles are optimized to ease work and boost performance.

Handle is made in eucalipto's wood. Designed with different diameters to improve the ergonomics using each tool. The mcleod handle is also compatible with Gorgui classic head.

Total weight: 2.16 Kg - Head weight: 800 gr

Head size: 26.8 x 15.8 cm - thickness: 4 mm

Handle long: 1.25 m - Diameter: 30 mm