Holmatro Combi Tool GCT 5114 EVO 3


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Combi tool for spreading, cutting and squeezing - 5000 series, battery-operated compact lightweight model. Part of our latest EVO 3 range, offering a higher speed when it counts (under load) at a lower weight and noise level.


Features and Specs

New and improved drive unit 
Increased tool speed
Decreased weight
Lower noise level

Compact & lightweight
Reducing physical burden: easy to carry and handle
Ideal for use in confined spaces

Optimal performance to weight ratio
High spreading force and large spreading distance compared to size and weight
High cutting force and large cutting opening compared to size and weight

Flat central bolt construction squeezing the blades together directly (no blade holder in between!) and more tightly. This minimizes blade separation and maximizes cutting performance.
It also allows for better access in narrow spaces.

Control handle in central position
Always within reach on back of tool
Allows you to rotate the tool freely while your hand stays in the same position

Battery location on top of the tool
Easy access, even in tight spaces
Replacement without shifting weight

Emission-free and all weatherproof
Healthier for rescuers and victims
Ideal for use in confined and/or underground spaces
Can also be used in case of extreme precipitation

Ergonomic carrying handle with integrated LED lighting
Improved LED lighting in the carrying handle: no less than six lights with a higher light output. Rescuers can start right away, night and day, without being hindered by their own shadow.
Optimized ergonomic carrying handle design increases operator comfort in various working positions.