Altra 3D Hose

Altra 3D Hose

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Our team of experts continues to develop new materials for an ever-increasing number of new applications.

Whether you need to deploy a network in physically challenging terrain or move highly corrosive fluids at high pressures, or all of the above, ALTRA 3D is the most resilient solution. 

The unique properties of the ALTRA 3D technology make it the best performing solution for transporting all types of fluids, including water, minerals, slurry, chemicals, hydrogen, and other fluids, in any type of environment.

Due ALTRA 3D’s flexibility, our woven lay‑flat hose can easily cope with the extreme environmental and climatic challenges and changes typically found in many applications. The ALTRA 3D solution is engineered to resist abrasion by solids, as well as corrosion by fluids transported in many applications. This means that the ALTRA 3D solution lasts much longer than the alternatives. Furthermore, when operating within the hose specifications, no extra maintenance is required during the hose’s lifetime, resulting in less down time and considerable time and investment savings.  

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