Firefighter Goggles vft1 with ventilation


Price: $67.00

Vallfirest glasses with lower and upper ventilation and open-pore foam that traps all dust.

Features and Specs
  •  Soft foam band closely adhesive to your face to protect you from coarse powder and molten metals.
  • Anti-allergenic foam band adhesive to your face.
  • Double poly-carbonate lens, anti-fog treatment inside and anti-scratch coating outside.
  • Elastic band with rapid lateral unlocking mechanisms.
  • All the materials of these glasses are fire retardant (elastic band, frame, lens, etc.)
  • Lens of double ballistic protection.
  • Certification: CE Standards - (Goggle) UNI EN 166:2004, UNI EN 170:2003; (Frame) VF EN 166 3 4 5 9 BT 2C-3 0068 CE; (Oculars) 2C-1.2 VF 1 BT 9 K N 0068 CE