Holmatro Telescopic Ram GTR 5350 LP EVO 3


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 Features & Specs

Ram with telescopic plunger

5000 series, battery-operated model. With an integrated laser pointer for first-time-right positioning.

 Part of our latest EVO 3 range, offering a higher speed when it counts (under load) at a lower weight and noise level.

New and improved drive unit

 Increased tool speed - Decreased weight - Lower noise level

Integrated laser pointer in ram head

Marks the exact spot where the ram will touch the object after extension - Enables first-time-right positioning, which saves time and is safer for the patient

Control handle outside working area

Always within reach, easy operation

Battery location on top of the tool

Easy access, even in tight spaces

Replacement without shifting weight


Healthier for rescuers and victims - Ideal for use in confined and/or underground spaces

All weatherproof

Can also be used in the case of extreme precipitation


No set-up time: press the start button and start working

No hose(s), optimal freedom of movement

Integrated LED lighting

 Illumination of both the plunger and the base side of the ram (6 LED lights in total) - You can start right away, both during the day and at night, without working in your own shadow