inView 360 (SEE)

inView 360 (SEE)
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The FRC, Powered by SEON, inView 360™ video system provides drivers with unparalleled visibility surrounding the apparatus, helping to avoid accidents and improve pedestrian safety.



The inView 360™ provides the apparatus driver with split screen view. The bird's-eye view is always visible providing a 360 view around the vehicle. This unique view allows the operator to see pedestrians and obstacles in close proximity to the apparatus or vehicle. The second view on the display switches between front/left/right/rear views depending on the operational conditions. The system is networked between the turn signals, and vehicle reverse so the screen automatically switches to left, right, and rear viewing when turning or backing up. An in-cab toggle switch allows the operator to override the default camera view for complete control over the system

Package Includes:

  • (1) Front camera
  • (1) Rear camera
  • (2) Side cameras
  • (1) Controller
  • (1) Cable kit
  • (1) Toggle switch
monitor is available as an option 


Part No Long Description Specs
inView 360 (SEE)
SNB100-B00 Video, 360, inView 360 kit .rtf
inView 360 - Options
SNB1option-DVA Video, 360, ARMF, 360 to DVR Adapter .rtf
SNB1option-MS0 Video, 360, SAV-MON, AVM 7" In-Cab Monitor N/A
inView 360 - Install
SNB-Installation Video,360,on-site install & calibrate (call for quote) N/A
SNB001-A10 Video, 360, Kit Inview 360, Calibration kit N/A
Options listed may not be available for all models.

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