VW91 Viking Firefighter® Chainsaw Boots


Price: $227.50

  • Extra comfort non-woven para/meta aramid FR lining excellent flame resistant property
  • 16" tall Snug-fit design and ergonomic insole, plus the optional felt insole to adjust fit
  • Highly chemical resistant rubber upper
  • Flame retardant rubber upper
  • Reinforced backstay for heel tendon protection
  • Metatarsal, shin impact, and chainsaw protection through multiple layers of polyaramide, and rubber
  • Shaft is also lined with polyaramide for protection
  • Ankle padding protection and foam midleg padding for additional support
  • Viking NJV outsole – abrasion-, chemical- and slip-resistant chloroprene rubber outsole
  • Ultra flexible: Exceeds 305,000 Flex Rating
  • Safety reflective patch on the back of the boot
  • Heavy-duty rubber pull straps
  • Half sizes available