FMBV-25B15S - 2.5" F Swivel BAT Inlet x (2) 1.5" M NPSH Outlet 2 Way Ball Valve

National Fittings Canada

Price: $388.50

NFC Ball Valves are ideal for use when splitting one single hose line where two are required on a fire scene. The Two-Way Ball Valve can be used in hose testing, on fire hydrants, standpipes and pumps. The FMBV Series allows for smooth operation even at high flows with minimal friction loss. The Male adapters are easily removed for seat adjustment.

FMBV 1515 Series is ideal size for Forestry Fire use. It is a small compact valve housing 1 ½” Female Swivel Inlets x (2) 1 ½” Male Outlets. This series can be supplied with 1 ½” Male NPSH or Forestry Quick Connect outlets.