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Control unit for operation of one or two high pressure lifting bags
• Designed for safe and controlled lifting
• Working pressure 12 bar / 174 psi

Features and Specs
Intuitive button operation
    • Precise air flow regulation for controlled and safe lifting
    • Lifting stops as soon as the button is released
Safety coupler
    • Unlocks in two steps for improved safety: pressure release before hose disconnection
    • Hose cannot get ejected with force
Built-in non-return valves
    • No risk of air pressure shifting from one lifting bag to the other
    • Two lifting bags can be lifted and lowered independently
LED-illuminated pressure gauges
    • Optimal visibility for safe use in the dark
Additional pressure gauge for air source
    • Easy checking of incoming air pressure
    • Allows for timely air source replacement
    • Easy to hold
Carrying bar
  • For easy carrying
  • Protects against damage and prevents accidental operation when the control is upside down