Holmatro Battery Charger PBCH2- Pentheon Series

CODE: *916-151.000.742
Holmatro Battery Charger PBCH2- Pentheon Series
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  • Description

• Realtime diagnostics - Provides direct feedback on the battery's temperature, state of charge and state of health.

• Simultaneous charging of 3 batteries possible - Three chargers can be connected to be powered from one outlet.

• Suitable for on-tool battery charging - Connect your tool to the charger and charge the battery while it remains s on the tool. - The battery on the tool always has priority over the one on the charger, which will resume charging when the battery on the tool is 100% full. - With 3 chargers and 3 tools connected to one power outlet, a total of 6 batteries can be charged without any management!

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