Holmatro Combi Tool CT 5160

CODE: *916-158.012.171
Holmatro Combi Tool CT 5160
Holmatro Combi Tool CT 5160
Holmatro Combi Tool CT 5160
Holmatro Combi Tool CT 5160
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Heavy duty combi tool for spreading, cutting, squeezing and pulling - CORE version. Part of the 5000 series: no compromise on performance, lowest weight in its class.

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• Large spreading distance - Suitable for a variety of operations - To create all the space you need
• Big cutting opening - Offers great operational flexibility - Allows you to cut wider materials
• Removable spreading tips - To finish a cut without crushing materials between the tips - Designed in one piece to prevent losing parts - Quick single-handed removal, even with gloves - With reflective markings for optimal visibility in the dark
• Unique grip tooth on both blades - For extra bite when cutting - To prevent wider materials from being pushed out of the blades
• i-Bolt - Flat central bolt construction squeezing the blades together directly and more tightly - To minimize blade separation and maximize cutting performance
• Ergonomic carrying handle - Optimized ergonomic carrying handle design for increased operator comfort in various working positions
• Integrated LED lighting - Six high-output LED lights in the carrying handle always ensure a well-lit working area - Start right away, night and day, without being hindered by your own shadow
• New control handle - Improved ergonomic design, offering better grip for optimal tool control
• Removable spreading tips • Carrying handle with integrated LED lighting • i-Bolt Technology • Redesigned ergonomic control handle with improved grip • CORE Technology: quicker, safer, easier

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