NFPA Justice® Series Super-LED®

NFPA Justice® Series Super-LED®
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High performance, cost competitive Super-LED® lightbar with a wide range of options, designed for ease of operation, upgrade and serviceability.

 Four red Linear Super-LED corner modules on "V" End models, and two red front corner modules on Square End models.
• The front of the lightbar contains two white CON3™ modules and two red CON3 modules.
• White CON3 modules have independent control to shut off when the vehicle is in blocking action.
• Lightbar meets NFPA 1901 upper Zone A lighting standards.
• Clear outer lens standard with a moisture resistant compression fit gasket.
• Black polycarbonate base on an extruded aluminum platform for added strength.
• Adjustable mount foot allows the lightbar to be mounted parallel to the street surface, no matter the shape of the vehicle roof.
• Standard passenger side cable, driver side optional.
• Service oriented lightbar allows easy to upgrade or service lightbar right in the field
• Remove four screws to access any section of the lightbar
• Lighthead replacement is as simple as removing one screw and single connector
• 52 Flash patterns.
• Optional LED brake/tail/turn and Traffic Advisor with or without control head available.
• Five year warranty.

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