PI-LIT ICS Road Flare - 6 Set


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  •  50+ feet (15 meters) range on ground

  • 1000+feet (330 meters) when placed on top of a cone

  • Rugged and can withstand 30,000 lbs static load.

  • 12 bright through-hole side LEDs, 4 bright surface mount
    top LEDs

  • 3000+ feet (1000 meter) visibility with 360-degree horizontal
    viewing angle and 180-degree vertical projection.



  • RDS (Rapid Deployment System). Turn on a Flare by simply removing from the case. No buttons needed. (Rechargeable version only)

  • Tilt sensor to detect the flare's orientation and flash out the top or from the side.

  • Magnetic base to allow mounting on vehicles, signs, cones, etc.
    Mounting flares on the back of the vehicle creates an effective/low-cost temporary light bar.

  • 5 flash patterns to choose from (4 sequential, 1 simultaneous).

  • Reverse sequence direction without resetting system (can be deployed
    in the reverse order).