Holmatro Ram Support HRS 22 NCT

CODE: *916-150.003.105
Holmatro Ram Support HRS 22 NCT
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Specially designed for use on the rocker channels and B-pillars of new model cars.
• Wider ram support - For wider door sills and B-pillars of new model cars
• Teeth provide grip - Ensures that the ram support will not slip or tilt - Also perfect for use on smaller sills and B-pillars of older model cars
• Can be used in different orientations - Vertical position in small door opening - Horizontal position in large door opening
• Bars with profile ensuring that the ram always stays centrally positioned - Prevents tilting of ram
• Contains various positioning bars - For different ramming angles

• Can be used with all Holmatro rams

key words


max. load
52.830 lbf
max. load
235 / 24 (kN/t)

Dimensions, weight, and temperature

weight, ready for use
14,9 kg
weight, ready for use
32,8 lb
dimensions (AxBxC)
450 x 280 x 150 mm
dimensions (AxBxC)
17.7 x 11 x 5.9 in

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