Holmatro Lifting Bag HLB 21


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High-pressure lifting bag, 12 bar / 174 psi system. Designed for maximum safety and control when lifting heavy objects. Offers 50% more lifting capacity: get more power out of your lifting bag or use a smaller and lighter model to get the job done.

 Features and Specs


Integrated carrying handle with capacity indication
For easy carrying - Quickly pull the right lifting bag from storage

Standard equipped with slider pads 
For easy insertion underneath an object

Clear indication of safety warnings, technical specifications, and lifting height
To help you work safer and easier

Center markings on all sides 
To help you position a smaller bag onto a larger model

Non-slip surface with interlocking profile
To maximize the contact area and stability of inflated lifting bags

Reflective markings on all corners and in center
 For optimal visibility in the dark

Inserts for optional lifting eyes
To attach a rope for easy maneuvering of your lifting bag

Compliant with relevant safety standards
Meets EN 13731 and other legislative requirements