Holmatro Vehicle Stabilization Strut / V-Strut


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Features & Specs

For instant, safe stabilization of crashed vehicles.

Lightweight tool for instant, safe stabilization

Vehicle stabilization strut with integrated head, base plate and tensioning belt with hook and ratchet mechanism

All-in-one solution, no loose parts that may get lost

Unique auto-lock system

Pulls out and locks automatically in one movement

No separate operation required to lock the strut

Locking holes over the full strut length at very small intervals

Enables fine length adjustment

Squeeze and push mechanism

To release the strut quickly and easily after use

Extremely lightweight

Easy to carry

Easy to work with

Serrated, multi-purpose head

For optimal grip

Suitable for use with all types of vehicles

Tensioning belt

Tensioning belt with hook and ratchet mechanism

For quick and easy attachment to the car

Enables the rapid creation of a stable triangle

Snap hook

For fast and easy detachment and reattachment

Reel for tensioning belt

Prevents tangling of tensioning belt

For compact storage

Features and Specs


max. axial load
3.597 lbf
min. effective length
1.080 mm
min. effective length
42,5 in
max. effective length
1.800 mm
max. effective length
70,9 in

Dimensions, weight and temperature

weight, ready for use
7,9 kg
weight, ready for use
17,4 lb